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Q: What is ?

A: is a FREE directory of accommodation in Australia. It is image driven, profession specific, simple and easy to use. It provides a facility that is free to use to search by category and/or area.

It is unique because you can change your details, photos and text for free at any time as much as you want.

Q: How can I list my establishment ?

A:  Go to the Register / Login area click here >>>

Q: Is there a different cost to list on more then one of the IDID directories?

A: All the ordinary listings on directories are FREE - to place yourself on the home screens with a premium ad there is a monthy listing fee - go to Contact Us and email or phone the office direct.

Q: Is there any advantage to multiple listings?

A: More exposure means more enquiry - more enquiry means more choice - more choice means more profitable $'s.

Q: Does anyone have any feedback as to how well listing on an directory such as works?

 A: As an architect our practice has a banner ad on the home page of and we have ordinary listings on both the architects and building designers sites - & - with listings tailored to those individual markets.

70% of our enquiry now comes from these listings and 90% of those enquiries are converted into $'s.

We are now more profitable, spend less time marketing our product and service, we are able to devote more time to providing a better service, we are able to allow more time for design which creaters a better product for our client. The reality of these sites is that the enquiry we receive knows what we do before they talk to us. As a direct result converting this enquiry into $'s takes less time and gives us choice. Being able to choose the client or project for us means profitability and greater control of your cash flow.

We cannot recommend these sites more strongly for the $'s spent they are so cost effective compared to all other forms of marketing or advertising and we have done them all! In essence 'they work!' 

Call (0402 242 666) or email - - if you want further feedback.

Q: Do I get any feedback and stats when I list on

A: Yes - that is one area that sets this site apart from other forms of marketing it provides regular feedback and stats.

Q: Why list on

A: Because it works, its cheap and its powerful!

Q: What is the best way to market establishment?

A: Do anything and everything to increase the exposure of your name in the marketplace - you need to be found - if no one knows of your name or your establishment - then they won't think of staying with you means exposure

'A picture tells a 1000 words'

Q: I don't need to advertise I rely on word of mouth!

A: Then you are a stupid!

Any businessman knows that to build a successful business is easy all you need is the right location, good product, good freindly service, easy to get to, good pricing structure, good up to date bookeeping systems, computers and programs, be open to new ideas, have a niche market, create a return client out of each project. 

To be able to remain successful is the hard part!

To maintain 90-95% occupancy and be profitable you need to grow your client base!

To stagnate (or mark time) is to die! 

Having a niche market can be a two edged sword! Clients don't return, find another new place or get tired of the niche.

Always remember ....... clients die! - clients move away! - clients find another place to stay! - clients get sick! - clients have a good experience and expect it! - clients have a fantastic experience and they might tell their best friends but they have one bad experience and they tell everyone!

Exposure - exposure - exposure means a greater chance of 100% work sheet (& more) for a year or so in advance. This means $'s gives you that exposure

Q: I don't need to - I have a web site!

A: Your web site is just an electronic magazine advertorial - if it is not found it is useless - you might spend $4-5000's on a web site/glossy magazine advertorial but if the person looking for a restaurant does not pick up that magazine and flick open the page containing your advertorial (or find your web site) then those $'s spent are useless!

Your web site is only useful for clients who know the name of you or your establishment!

This directory is a search protocol within the internet by which a patron who does not know the name of your establishment can find you and see it. has spent many 1000's of $'s ensuring comes up on page one of all the principle search engine searches on the internet.

Q: Where can I find an artist to paint some frescoes in the restaurant?

A: Go to!

Q: What are the three most most important things that can kill a  restaurant?

A: Bad service, bad food and too much noise!

Q: How do I reduce noise in our restaurant?

A: As an architect with over 30 years experience I advise the consideration of a number of the following methods - sound absorbent ceiling treatments, carpet or rubber floor finishes, wall hangings, soft padded wall panels, soft padded chairs, chairs with felt or rubber tips to legs, table cloths, vinyl or rubber matts under table cloths, no hard surfaces, get rid of the open plan, close off the kitchen with glass, isolate the bar from the restaurant, staff to wear soft soled shoes, speakers to be strategically placed to direct sound away from quiet areas, minimise the use of denser materials (such as metals, steel, granite, terrazzo, concrete walls and foors), strategically design hard dense surfaces opposite or over soft absorbent surface treatments to minimise the bounce of sound.

Employ an interior designer who is sensitive to your requirements, an architect who has experience in restaurants and a sound engineer! 

Call us @ Michael Witty Architects (07 5597 5011) and we can get someone to drop out and give you some advice - have a look at our web site at